Berlin, end of December 2007: the situation in the city is continously getting worse.
While until a few years ago this city stood as one of the fortresses of the squatter’s movement, nowadays we are reduced to the few remaining autonomous spaces. House projects, trailer-parks, autonomous youthclubs and so on are slowly disappearing – and sometimes without the slightest sound of resistance – under the pressure of State, capitalist relationships and its active servants.
The process known as gentrification keeps on changing entire neighbourhoods, fast and pitiless, in order to make place for yuppies, investors, alternative artists and generally all the people who feel themselves to be at home in mainstream society.
It seems as if, very soon, there will be no place left for self-organized, uncommercial and anti-authoritarian spaces. But despite this, there are still signs of active resistance all around.
The riots in Copenhagen last December, and the struggle for Ungdomshuset, brought forward – explosively and uncompromisingly – the somehow sleepy movement for autonomous spaces. In Germany, as on an international level, this movement is again on the offensive. As well as the fact that a lot of supporters travelled from Germany to Copenhagen to fight the battle there, solidarity actions happened in more than 30 german cities: among them, two long weeks of actions in Berlin.
Here, we also took back the streets for ourselves through a large, energetic and resolute demonstration, rocking the city and reclaiming public space once more for our uncontrollable, spontaneous and direct actions.
Rigaer94/Kadterschmiede, Köpi, Bethanien, Schwarzer Kanal, Liebig 14, Liebig 34/XB and the Infoladen Daneben, the Linienhöfe and the Brunnenstr.183/Umsonstladen, are some of the autonomous spaces under threat of eviction: these, as all the others, must stay, and this can be achieved only through a movement based on resoluteness, solidarity and active resistance.
We want to push forward offensively to keep our freespaces and to fight for the creation of new ones: to show the City that every eviction carries its own price.
We therefore call on everybody to join a demonstration on the 8th of December – almost one year after the “final battle“ in Copenhagen – in order to destroy together the winter lethargy of investors, yuppies and cityplanners and to show clearly and unequivocally our rage against the current situation ….

Active solidarity with all threatened autonomous projects – in Berlin as worldwide! Fight and defend autonomous freespaces!
For autonomous spaces and self-organization against dominion and capitalism.